The Back Story

The Mini Car

In 1959, Alec Issigonis designed the Mini car – and revolutionised motoring. What was so special was that he designed a small car that would allow up to four adults to travel distances with their luggage over many miles! This was all thanks to a transversely mounted engine, using a new front wheel drive system and with the wheels carefully positioned at the extreme corners, the Mini felt agile on the road.


Numerous variations from pickups to estates were developed and a successful motorsport heritage was built. The enduring legacy of the original Mini is that it enabled a generation of new motorists to take to the road – to get to work and travel in a way people in the UK and beyond had not generally been able to do.   Such was the enduring love of the Mini brand, BMW has since reimagined the original design and developed an amazing lineup of new cars, now seen the world over but it was the original design that transformed the mobility of hundreds of thousands of people.


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Innovative Design

Neat Living takes inspiration from others – their amazing designs and solutions that have made a significant contribution to people’s lives in a variety of different ways. These designs have stood the test of time and encapsulate the spirit of innovation in design.

Obviously cars have moved a long way since 1959 … (!) with new technology, increased safety standards and vehicle efficiency. WIth increased automation, new materials and improved production cars are now faster, safer and more reliable than ever before.

Neat Living is not harking back to 1959. Neat Living is driving change in housing, by challenging existing ideas about housing and bringing new concepts to market, for people who are looking for new space efficient and energy efficient solutions.