Budget Cost Plan

The logical first step on your self-build journey

What is a Budget Cost Plan?



The Budget Cost Plan is a document which includes all of the expected costs of your build, based on available information – such as the design drawings. The costs are established through what is called an elemental build-up, meaning that all the different elements of the project are considered.


The plan brings together not only the costs of your timber kit from Neat Living but also the other construction and fit-out costs, which will be undertaken by a local contractor.  


The plan is prepared by an independent Quantity Surveyor and uses local construction rates – appropriate for the site location. A budget cost plan is the logical starting point for understanding your project costs.




Budget Cost Plan Layout


Your Budget Cost Plan is tailored to your chosen Neat Living design and includes relevant local costs for the various elements. Supplied in pdf format.


Allowances can be made for contingencies and unknown items, at this stage.


Note: The content / layout shown is for illustrative purposes only.

This is a Budget Cost Plan and it is a means to identify all of the main elemental costs for a project.
Elemental Cost
Elemental Cost
Elemental Cost
Elemental Cost

Why you need a Budget Cost Plan (before you start)



If you are asking the question, “How much will my project cost?” then this is where a Budget Cost Plan can really help you.


To put it succinctly, it allows you to get an early handle on costs and make an early “stop” or “go” decision before incurring additional design or planning-related costs. Once you have your completed Budget Cost Plan you can proceed to the next steps – design and planning permission. 


Are you curious about finding out how much it will cost to build your house? A Budget Cost Plan is needed to gain an informative understanding of costs prior to undertaking other aspects, such as ground surveys, planning and undertaking detailed design. Reasonable allowances, which are called provisional sums, can be made for items not designed at this stage. 






The Top Three Benefits Of A Budget Cost Plan


No. 1 The Construction Cost  


Do you want to know what your construction costs could be? The plan generates the initial high-level expected costs for undertaking your build. Allowances can be made for items that are not fully designed at this stage. 



No. 2 Funding


The plan provides essential information that allows you to decide on options to fund your project, either self-funding or financing via a self-build mortgage. If you are thinking of applying for a self-build mortgage, you will need to provide details about expected construction costs – and an independently prepared budget cost plan will be able to provide details about these costs.



No. 3 Convenience


Neat Living takes care of all of the complex work behind the scenes and will generate the background information for the project, prepare the budget cost plan and have it delivered to you for your consideration. 








If you are asking, “In addition to the Neat Living Kit, how much will it cost to build my house?”


We have the solution for you!


Budget Cost Plan:

Only £ 795.00


What we offer as part of our online purchase:


  • An initial conversation or Zoom call to confirm that we have your details.
  • The use of our standard drawings for any of the Neat Living homes as part of preparing the Budget Cost Plan.
  • A comprehensive Budget Cost Plan. The plan will include allowances for the supply of the timber kit by Neat Living as well as the external and internal fit-out costs of the kit by local contractors.
  • The Budget Cost Plan will include details of assumptions and any exclusions.
  • A follow-up conversation or Zoom call to discuss the Budget Cost Plan with you.


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