The Neat Living 104

Ground Floor
First Floor


Would you prefer a different layout? 


Did you know that we can customise the floorplan to a different layout to suit your needs? Not only that but we can also change window and door size and positions to suit your individual needs or capture a particular view? Just let us know and we’d be delighted to help you.

RoomWidth Length (mm)
Bedroom 14.1 m4.1 m
Bedroom 23.1 m (2.7 m at narrowest point)5.1 m (4.1 m at narrowest point)
Bedroom 32.7 m5.1 m
Family Bathroom1.8 m (1.5 m at narrowest point)2.3 m
En-suite Bathroom1.2 m2.7 m
Kitchen/Living/Dining8.5 m (3.1 m at narrowest point)6.6 m  (4.8 m to stair)
Front View
Right View
Rear View
Left View

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The Neat Living® Aurora A 104

Timber kit inclusive of all external walls and internal partitions, frame and roof elements – making up the entire structural frame. Costs exclude transport, erection and insulation, etc.


£54,750.00 excluding VAT*




The Neat Living® Flex F 104

Timber kit, inclusive of all external walls and roof elements – making up the entire structural frame. Factory-fitted insulation. Costs exclude transport and erection, etc.


£125,250.00 excluding VAT*



* Did you know that most VAT charges on a new build home are recoverable under HMRC rules? For all information see the HMRC website. 


Terms and conditions apply.

Budget Cost Plan - the logical first step on your self-build journey


The Budget Cost Plan is a document which includes all of the expected costs of your build, based on available information – such as the design drawings. The costs are established through what is called an elemental build-up, meaning that all the different elements of the project are considered.


The plan brings together not only the costs of your timber kit from Neat Living but also the other construction and fit-out costs, which will be undertaken by a local contractor.





Budget Cost Plan the place to start

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