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Unlocking the Power of Feasibility Studies in Property Development



In the dynamic field of property development, a single idea can unlock vast potential. However, turning this potential into reality can be complex. This is where feasibility studies come into play.


Feasibility studies for property development are the road map to informed decision-making. They decode the intricacies of your property, revealing opportunities, estimating costs, and charting a course through the labyrinth of regulations and procurement.

What is a Feasibility Study?



Every site holds unique potential and individual challenges. 



If you are interested in buying and developing land for larger projects, making the right decisions about what to do with the land and how to go about it will be at the forefront of your mind. These complex decisions may include developing an understanding of anticipated capital costs, future revenue streams, planning challenges and procurement.




Our full range of services covers essential steps, including site appraisals, concept design, planning, project cost modeling, and procurement strategies.

Cost-Effective Risk Mitigation and Informed Decision Making.


Whether you’re an experienced developer looking for new insights to satisfy your investment team’s demands or a first-time investor exploring property potential, our expertise in feasibility studies guides you towards well-informed, confident decisions.



Feasibility Services

We like to bring a pragmatic and cost-effective way of thinking to our projects. For example, once a site is identified, a concept design can be developed – showing the number of units and road infrastructure layout. This information can then be used for budget cost purposes and fed into a financial model for the project.


We can use existing Neat Living designs for standard building types or provide customised designs as appropriate to your needs.

  • Design and Planning Services – Concept Design, Accommodation Planning, Stacking Diagrams, Planning Permission, etc.
  • Environmental and Regulatory Services – Environmental Impact, Habitat Studies, Legal/Statutory Approvals, etc.

  • Financial and Procurement Services – Budget Analysis, Financial Modelling, Procurement & Programme, etc.

  • Site Information and Analysis – Site Selection and Appraisal, Site Servicing Strategies, etc.

  • Operation and Maintenance – Operation & Maintenance, Lifecycle Costs, etc.

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