Advanced Timber Engineered Kit System

A System for Building Energy Efficient Kit Homes


The Flex range of buildings has been designed using the Advanced Timber Engineered Kit System. 


This premium panelised system, used across the Flex range, represents the highest quality in both energy efficiency and sustainability. By using materials such as cellulose insulation and wood fibre panels in the 300mm deep I-joist wall and roof elements, incredibly low U values and exceptional airtightness are achieved.




 U value wall –U value wall –U value roof –U value roof –
Flex Studio Pod 0.13 0.11 0.110.10
Flex F46 0.13 0.11 0.110.10
Flex F72 0.13 0.11 0.110.10
Flex 104 0.13 0.11 0.110.10




A naturally breathable, airtight structure.


Whilst energy efficiency and airtightness go hand in hand, building breathability is a very important topic. Having an airtight building that breathes well provides a comfortable, healthy environment so that moisture from cooking, showering, and living can find its way outside – so this is why breathable materials should be used.


The kit is a little like layers of breathable clothing, which you wear on a long walk – designed to keep the rain out and keep you warm but importantly allows for minuscule water droplets to dissipate as they wick out away from the body. In a building, allowing moisture build-up to dissipate is essential.




What the Advanced Timber Engineered Kit System is made of.


Starting from the inside going towards the outside, the Advanced Timber Engineered Kit System is made up in the factory as follows:


  1. Vapour Barrier Board: Internally, a heavy-duty, vapour barrier board is fitted. This provides excellent airtightness and moisture management within the building itself. (Please note, timber battens, any plumbing and electrical services and plaster sheets are fitted to these panels by others after the kit is erected).
  2. Cellulose Insulation Filling and Woodfibre Sheet: The (generally) 300mm cavity is filled at the factory with high-performance insulation called cellulose, made from recycled newspaper. This is densely filled to provide excellent and continuous thermal insulation. A woodfibre sheet is then fitted to seal the cellulose within the I beam cavity section.
  3. I Beam Cavity Section: The principal elements of the walls and roof panels are constructed from I beam sections. These are incredibly strong and provide the inherent rigidity to the building – therefore long spans can be accommodated without the need for secondary steel.
  4. Exterior Board: On the outside of the I beam, is an insulated and breathable exterior board that is permeable by water vapour to allow moisture to wick away from the inside to the outside of your building. It’s part of the system that regulates the humidity in an energy-efficient home.
  5. Exterior Membrane: A little like a Goretex shell, the outer membrane is weatherproof to keep the water and dust out and is breathable. (Please note, your chosen cladding or roof finish is fitted on the outside by others, on-site).




Works by others.


Our costs include the manufacture and erection of the kit, as described above. Once the kit has been erected the customer, or their contractors will continue to fit out the building. Neat Living does not directly undertake any fit-out works. For the avoidance of doubt, windows and doors are not included as part of the kit.




Neat Living Design Services associated with the Flex range.


With modern airtight buildings, such as the Neat Living Flex range, ventilation and breathability are vital aspects to provide a healthy and comfortable environment. All aspects of the building design – architecture and services are done together as a team effort as all of the different aspect interrelates.


Our design services include everything from considering the annual gains from solar glazing to mechanical ventilation and the heat recovery (MVHR) solution to suit the location and orientation of the building.


Check out our self-build services for more information – specifically on ground investigation reports and surveys, preparing to apply for and being granted planning permission and a building warrant, preparing budget cost plans and managing costs.

Testimonials about the kit manufacture and erection team

Thanks for making everything to do with the timber frame, so seamless and easy. It has been a pleasure to have you be part of our new home build.


Low energy home – January 2017

I’ve had a lot of complimentary comments on both the speed and quality of the build


Low energy home – March 2018

I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable building experiences I have had watching your company erect the kit. You asked me some questions on Monday morning and that was the last time I was asked any questions. Your squad of 6 Joiners were probably one of the best squads I have had in a long time


Low energy home – December 2017

It is a sad truth, but a company that takes pride in its work for no other reason than it is the right thing to do is a rare find.


Low energy home – April 2018

Some benefits of a Flex Kit House.


Factory manufactured.

Precision engineered.

Highly energy efficient.


Reduced on-site construction time.

Safe and clean build.

Planning cost control and project management support.


Customisable interior and exteriors.

Self-build made easy.

Minimal running costs with EPC A.

Construction Gallery

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ModelEPC rating

Environmental impact

CO² rating

PODA (92-100)A (92-100)
FLEX F46A (92-100)A (92-100)
FLEX F72A (92-100)  A (92-100) 
FLEX F104A (92-100)  A (92-100) 

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