Services for Self-Builders

The Services that Neat Living Provides for Self-Builders



If you’ve read about the process, you’ll see that the process involves Neat Living undertaking design, planning and warrant and kit supply. You’ll also appreciate that there are activities that are organised by others – say contractors that the client appoints directly to install foundations, undertake the civil works and the fit-out, albeit to Neat Living’s design.


If you are new to self-build this may seem complex and even confusing. Don’t worry you’re not alone. In reality, however, this is tried and tested – thousands of kit builds are completed every year, so whilst it may be new to you, it’s not new to the industry.


Neat Living is here to help and we have a number of services totally catered for the self-builder. In the sections below, you’ll find out what these services are and how they will help you towards achieving your self-build project.

Topographical Survey and Ground Investigations

At the outset of a project, it is important to obtain the correct ground investigation surveys, also known as site investigation (SI) and reports as these feed into determining the foundation design, road and pathways, incoming services and utility layouts.

Planning and Building Warrant

We provide a planning and building warrant service to help self-build customers obtain the necessary statutory approvals for their site.



Budget Cost Plan and Competitive Tender Services

A Budget Cost Plan and Competitive Tender Service are two different services that help to determine and manage costs of your self-build. 

Project Management

Any self-build projectrelies on using multiple trades. We can offer the services of a Project Manager to monitor, manage and report on the progress of the project. 

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