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Dealing with Neat Living has been an enjoyable experience. The fundamental attraction was their ethos, they understood what we wanted to achieve and were happy to build on ideas.

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What we offer and how we can help you.

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Are you a self-builder?


Neat Living provides a range of design and kit supply services for self-builders:


  • Design, Planning and Warrant applications.
  • Bespoke or Standard Designs from our Flex or Aurora Ranges.
  • Budget Cost Plans and Tender Services.
  • Timber Kit Services.


Neat Living offers a one-stop-shop covering design and kit supply. All remaining site works are completed by a local contractor(s) in conjunction with you, the client.



Are you a Landowner?


Neat Living provides Landowners with a bespoke service regarding prospective uses for their land.


  • Evaluation of Residential, Leisure and Commercial Options.
  • Bespoke or Standard Design Solutions from our Aurora and Flex Ranges.
  • Outline Strategy Development and Masterplanning.
  • Related Architectural, Structural, Civil and Services Design.


Check out our Eco kits from Neat Living®

The 104

3 bedrooms

The 46

1 bedroom


1 bedroom

The 72

2 bedrooms

The Studio Pod

1 bedroom


New for ’22


The Aurora Range


If you like the look of our current Flex range but are perhaps seeking a lower-cost alternative, would you consider Aurora? 


The Aurora range uses a 140mm Timber Kit System and a wide variety of insulation choices are available. Aurora has many advantages including lower cost, easier to transport and handle on-site than Flex.


Neat Living is offering the current Flex range (Flex Studio Pod, F 46, F 72 and F 104) using a 140mm Timber Kit System (Aurora Studio Pod, A 46, A 72 and A 104). 


In addition, we are also undertaking bespoke designs to your exact requirements.






Costs and details of the New Aurora Range are now available. If you’d like us to send you prices, please register your details with us. Thank you.

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