Precision engineered, space and energy efficient homes,
that you can customise for any location.


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Flex F104 – 3 bedrooms

Flex F72 – 2 bedrooms

Flex F46 – 1 bedroom

POD – multi purpose space

ModelEPC ratingEnvironmental Impact CO2 ratingGross Internal Floor Area (m2)Net Internal Floor Area (m2)
PODA (92-100)A (92-100)3832
F46A (92-100)A (92-100)6046
F72A (92-100)A (92-100)7972
F104A (92-100)A (92-100)123104

Energy efficiency of Flex range

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Neat Living, anywhere! Rural, urban and suburban


A number of different options are available for the walls and roof to make your home truly yours. Perhaps your walls may be a durable render board, metal cladding, stylish timber or a natural cladding panel solution, available in a variety of finishes and colours – or the roof could be a metal standing seam design, or traditional slate or single-ply membrane? All of these high-quality materials are all designed to fit perfectly to the Neat Living Flex home structure.


Transform the look of your home to suit your taste, to fit with the location and to tick the box with the local planning authority. Job done!


Would you like to see how your new home will look on your land or plot? Neat Living can provide a full visualisation to show you exactly that.

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Future proof your life with a future proof home

Our approach to future proofing starts with a solid, precision engineered glulam structure – fitted with not only one but two layers of solid and breathable natural insulation called woodfibre, which has an attractive environmental and vapour control profile. Triple glazed composite and aluminium clad windows and doors contribute to ensuring that a very high level of airtightness is achieved. This fabric first approach minimises space heating demand whilst providing an extremely comfortable and healthy environment. 


Heat recovery is managed via a mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) unit which recovers heat from extracted air and reduces the energy consumption in preheating incoming fresh air.


With our home you can generate electricity for heating hot water or powering your gadgets or export it to the National Grid, thanks to an integrated roof mounted Photovoltaic (PV) system. The system includes PV panels, micro inverters to convert electricity from DC to AC, wiring and connections. Options include adding a car charger point and battery storage. 

Why Flex?


Have you ever dreamed of building your dream home – but you are put off by:


the complexity of appointing and then managing an architectural, structural and services design team;

finding the right construction team to build your home – to the right quality, in the right time period and at the correct cost;

managing the entire process from start to finish – while also living a life?


The Answer – by Neat Living

Neat Living Flex homes are a turnkey solution for customers seeking to build their own home on their existing land or a new plot anywhere in the UK.

The homes are a timber engineered design using high quality components – with everything included from an integrated roof mounted photovoltaic system, heating, windows and doors.

Our Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach means that we are able to provide a precision engineered home – which means your home is of high quality and efficient to run.



Neat Living is for freedom-lovers who are done worrying about high mortgages or constantly rising rents and energy prices.


For those who care about the future of our planet and their carbon footprint. For radicals who dare to dream big and go small.


For independent thinkers who need their time and energy to live life to the fullest and refuse to be held back by clutter and conventions.


For rebels who find inspiration in the unusual and are looking for a new home with space to grow.


For downsizers who dream about a future where less space means more life.


For anyone who wants less house and more home, and, for everyone who shares our vision of smart, eco-friendly Neat Living homes at a price that is worth paying.

How may we help you?



  • Kit or turnkey solutions
  • Planning application and advice
  • Ground condition, survey & soil analysis
  • Drainage strategy
  • Foundation design
  • Project management 
  • Custom furniture design and manufacture

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