Precision engineered, energy-efficient, eco kit houses you can customise for your location. Future proof your life with a future proof home.

Choose an Eco kit house from the Neat Living® Flex range


3 bedrooms


1 bedroom


1 bedroom


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1 bedroom

Selecting an Eco kit house from the fully designed Flex range offers lots of benefits to you.

Gain confidence and peace of mind that you will get exactly what you want – a bright, modern, and spacious home that also happens to be precision-engineered and future-proofed, all without the cost and risk of designing your home from scratch.


Advanced Timber Engineered Kit System.

Factory manufactured.

Precision engineered.

Durable and robust.

Passivhaus principles.

Highly energy efficient.


Delivered and erected – on time and on budget.

Safe and clean erection – in days not months.

Services include planning and cost control to manage the project.


Customisable interior and exteriors.

Hassle-free self build made easy.

Future proofed with minimal running costs – compounded annually.

A solution that meets increasing market demand for sustainable, low energy homes.

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Future proof your life with a future proof home.


The beauty of our buildings is more than just skin deep. Our eco kit houses use high quality and sustainable products including wood fibre and cellulose insulation, naturally; when it comes to sustainability, it’s not only about the quality of materials but the way in which our homes constructed.




ModelEPC rating

Environmental impact

CO² rating

PODA (92-100)A (92-100)
FLEX F46A (92-100)A (92-100)
FLEX F72A (92-100)  A (92-100) 
FLEX F104A (92-100)  A (92-100) 

Rural, urban and suburban living.

Where are you going to build?

Did you know that Neat Living homes have been designed for rural, urban and suburban settings? There are many ways to customise a Neat Living building for a specific location.


Whilst every site is different, we can provide an eco kit house solution for just about any site whether it’s the north of Scotland or the south of England – we’re here to help you!


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